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Photos: The Tyla J. Pallas Band @ The Snooty Fox, Wakefield

The Tyla J. Pallas Band @ The Snooty Fox, Wakefield 12th August 2016. Photos by Neil Vary.

A message from Tyla regarding the new releases

Dearest Rockers and Rollers,

I’m sorry about the delay on the up an coming releases, but they are now all done and in production for imminent release through King Outlaw/Cargo Records. Tavern dwellers will receive their copies before Amazon and the Shops, with an added bonus, as the 4 releases are now two releases so are as follows, the new Hot Knives album will now have the DVD in with it, (rather than a separate release and the TJP Band’s debut album will also feature the acoustic version as its second disc. So if you have only ordered one album you’ll now be getting that extra disc, and for those who have forked out for all 4 releases you’ll be getting the TJP special 9 track promo FREE, (All been well you should receive those next week as a snifter for what is to come) all others interested in grabbing this limited edition promo will be asked to cough up a tenna (www.tylasarttavern.com). It will also be up digital only available at the Tavern. That should make everyone happy and with that said, as soon as Wills is back off his Holidays we’ll be releasing the TJP Band Live in Manchester DVD. And I’m currently working on an illustrated Poetry book pre-orders on that will be available as soon as I’ve worked out how long you’ll have to wait while I chop and change my mind about this n’ that an the other. But let me take this time to thank you for being patient with my ways, i know it takes a bit of time to get all this together but I’m sure you will all be loving the result.

A big thanks to Gary, Matty, Simon, Mark Stanway, Alan Clayton, Lez, Gordon, Howie, John Dryland and Phil at Cargo Records, Bruce Hotchkies and all you lot again for your patience!

Cheers for now!

Tyla xx

Tyla’s Art @ Bannerman’s, Edinburgh

A selection of Tyla’s art is currently on display in the Jäger Bar at Bannerman’s, Edinburgh. Including canvases and guitars all available for a villain’s price.

Talk to the staff or email: tylajpallas@hotmail.com if you are interested in purchasing any of the works.

Pay a visit:

Bannerman’s Bar
212 Cowgate

Opening times: 12PM – 1AM

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