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New book ‘As You Are Now’ by Tyla J. Pallas


Time I thought to get a new book of stories adventures and what have ya… So here we have still a work in progress but it should be with you in time for Crimbo… I thought it should be in a nice big A4 size so we can all read it… be it had written and typed and with a considerable amount of black n white doodles and drawings, on top of that i thought id bung in a CD of ramblings with the odd new song slung in for good measure, then I thought I might as well even colours a few if not all the illustrations as I’ve done with the recent prints which have proved popular. Of course all will be signed and the special limited editions will be numbered to boot!

So here we go…

Book signed (no frills) = £15.55
Book plus CD signed = £25.55
Book, CD plus hand tinted illustrations signed and numbered = £45.45

Chin chin



RESCHEDULED DATE: Local Authority, Sheffield

POSTPONED: Sat 8th October 2016 @ Local Authority, Sheffield
RESCHEDULED DATE: Sat 17th December 2016 @ Local Authority, Sheffield

Due to Tyla taking a comedy tumble and ending up with a few broken ribs and cracked pelvis, we are left with no option but to postpone the Local Authority, Sheffield show on Saturday 8th October. The decision to postpone is regrettable, but health and wellbeing has to take precedent at times like these. We ain’t getting any younger and we don’t bounce anymore!! (well, Matty probably still does)…

All original tickets will be honoured at the rescheduled date on Saturday 17th December. However, should you wish to claim a refund then this can be done from your point of purchase.

You can purchase tickets for the new date here: www.corporation.org.uk

Apologies again for the disappointment, but the decision was not taken lightly and Tyla would much rather be rockin’ than restin’…

The Tyla J. Pallas Band